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FEMA chief: 'Millions' can be while not power from Irma

Washington (CNN)As cyclone Irma bears down on Florida's southern coast, the nation's emergency management chief is warning that 'millions' of residents can be while not power, in some instances for weeks.

"We may see innumerable folks while not power in FL for multiple days in some areas, perhaps weeks, then i feelit's totally vital to line the expectations of voters," Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Brock Long told CNN's Rene Marsh at his agency's headquarters in Washington, D.C., Saturday. "This is why we tend to raise and plead with folks to be prepared for multiple days, and sadly this can be coming back into reality,"
Asked for a selected variety of these United Nations agency may lose power, Long said, "You apprehend it's onerous to investhowever a number of the estimates can be five million folks while not power supported this, you know, south-to-north flight, and it is not simply Florida; it's reaching to be going in Georgia likewise ... over succeeding 5 days."
Long conjointly created clear that residents living within the hardest-hit areas United Nations agency set to remainin their homes despite evacuation warnings, can possible not receive immediate aid from federal 1st responders.
And for those within the Keys: "You're on your own till we will really get in there, and it's safe for our groups to support native and state efforts," Long aforesaid. "The message has been clear -- the Keys square measure reaching to be compactthere's no safe space inside the Keys, and you set your life in your own hands by not evacuating."
Long represented the state of affairs as a harsh reality, warning that residents need to be primarily liable for their own well-being.
"And what we've got to try to to is ready national expectations," Long aforesaid. "We don't seem to be reaching tobe there right once storm passes. we'd like to take care that the roadways square measure clear, we'd like to inducetrucks in to induce stuff there. and that is why we tend to raise folks to be ready for 3 days, and you recognizehopefully in these landmark events, voters can begin to require these state measures seriously. everywhere the country, we're asking you to be readywe tend to can not be there right once the storm."

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