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McEnroe regrets his comments on Serena

London: John McEnroe aforementioned he regretted commenting that Serena Williams would be hierarchal "like 700 within the world" if she had to play on the convenience circuit. However, he was additionally stunned by the contestation his comments enkindled.

McEnroe antecedently aforementioned that Serena, a record 23-time sweep champion within the skilled era, was the most effective feminine player ever then again declined to label her the most effective player overall, prompting her to raise McEnroe for "respect."

"It would are higher to not have aforementioned it. I did not realise it might produce one thing like this," McEnroe told reporters late on Wednesday previous the July three begin of the Wimbledon championships, the third sweepevent of the year.
"It would are easier to depart it. Look, she's a good player and it's apples and oranges."

But McEnroe, a seven-time sweep winner, didn't retract his earlier statement regarding wherever Serena would rank if she competed against men. "This isn't one thing that has been earth shattering, that I feel there is a distinction within the level of the ladies and therefore the men," he said.

Serena, UN agency has taken a chance from court game to possess her initial kid - due in late August - responded pettishly to McEnroe on Twitter once his initial comments. "Dear John, i am keen on and respect you however please please keep Maine out of your statements that don't seem to be factually based mostly," she said.

"I've ne'er contend anyone hierarchal "there" nor do I actually have time. Respect Maine and my privacy as i amattempting to possess a baby. farewell sir," Serena tweeted.

McEnroe had additional that he believed Serena "could beat some players" on a given day, "because she is thereforeunbelievably sturdy mentally."

"She may overcome some things wherever players would choke as a result of she's been in it such a large amount of times, such a large amount of things at Wimbledon, the United States Open et al.," he aforementioned in associate earlier interview.

Serena, within the past, has aforementioned that "men's {tennis|lawn court game|court game} and women"s tennis square measure fully 2 separate sports."

"The men square measure plenty quicker and that they serve more durable. They hit more durable. It's simply a special game. i like to play women's court game. I solely wish to play womenas a result of i do not wish to be embarrassed," she aforementioned four years past.

Dmitry Tursunov, UN agency is that the 701st-ranked player within the world, aforementioned he believed he maybeat Serena. The Russian aforementioned that whereas he thought McEnroe was "trying to speak women's court game down", he additional that "the reality" was that "men square measure stronger normally."

"I would hope that i might win against Serena," he said. "It would be an identical argument to UN agency would run quicker - the quickest girl or the quickest man? court game is changing into a lot of and a lot of a physical sport, therefore it's attending to be laborious for a girl to beat the boys.

"It's not black and white. There square measure scores of factors to require under consideration. Physically, i wouldnot be within the best form of my life. however as associate overall package, i am far better than my ranking would recommend. She is pregnant and i am not."

Meanwhile, Nick Kyrgios, the trendy day "bad boy" of court game, reacted to comments from a broadcaster UN agency aforementioned he thought the Australian would possibly struggle against Serena. "I accept as true withMcEnroe on one purposei believe she would beat Nick Kyrgios.

"But he touched on one thing that's a lot of necessaryparticularly once you are taking part in somebody like Kyrgios, who's brittle higher than the shoulders - it is a mind game likewise. Her mental strength alone would see her get the higher of somebody like Kyrgios. i might back her," the broadcaster aforementioned.

Kyrgios hit back on Twitter, stating: "If this can be the case, Djokovic, Fed & Nadal would struggle against her? Since all of them have had a tricky match against me?"

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