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Fishing tip of the week: the way to clear your fishing line's memory

Line memory happens after you fish with monofilament cordthat is once the road begins to bind along after youreel it in.

Here area unit a couple of ways that to assist correct line memory. One is to put the spool of line in an exceedinglycup of predicamentthis can relax the road.

If you're on lake strive this: Tie a 1- to 2-ounce bell sinker on to your line. let loose half the spool on your reel and troll concerning 2-3 mph for five to ten minutes.

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Another way to assist scale back line memory is to connect a 24-inch leader to a barrel swivel from your route and souse a pair lock snap to connect your lure. If you wish to dramatically scale back line memory then purchase cordthat's advertise as low memory line.

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