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Bataan veterans might receive ribbon underneath Pearce bill

LAS CRUCES - representative Steve Pearce has introduced legislation to award the legislature ribbon to the troops and nurses WHO fought within the defense of Bataan, Corregidor, Guam, Wake and also the Philippine groundthroughout war II.

“This year marks the seventy fifth day of the Bataan Death March. The events related to the March, and also theMarch itself, hold tremendous historical significance for brand new United Mexican States," Pearce declared in an exceedingly news unleash. "Nearly 2,000 of the lads concerned were members of latest United Mexican StatesNational Guard units. The Battle within the Philippines, particularly the Bataan Death March, and succeedinginternment, forced such a large amount of to face unspeakable horrors within the name of freedom. Our nation must not ever forget the courageousness and courageousness of all those concerned. The actions of those unbelievablemen and ladies embody the qualities we've return to use once shaping the best Generation. i'm really honored to be able to introduce this bill with my colleagues to make sure our nation justly acknowledges the service and sacrifices of the troops and nurses concerned in Bataan and every one associated Battles within the Philippines. ”

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